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Tradewinds 1.03

Title: Tradewinds 1.03

Catelog: Strategy

Platform: Windows Mobile

Size: 1.2MB

Price: $9.99

Description Build your empire through swashbuckling sea combat and trade

Detail Build your empire through swashbuckling sea combat and trade! Achieve the ultimate rank of Tai Pan or become the renowned Pirate King, Gossamer. Use all of your skills to amass wealth through trading or piracy in the 19th century far east. Play as one of four characters with different complements of ships, debt and cash on hand. Tradewinds Features - Four distinctly different trading cities plus a secret location to discover - Four playable characters to choose from all with unique personality traits and trading styles - Interact

with Inn Keepers, Port Officials and Ship Builders to help in your empire building - Fight pirates on the open seas and collect bounties for sending them to Davy Jones' Locker - Purchase, repair and upgrade your fleet to ensure you can outrun or outgun the pirate hordes - Stunning full color graphics capture the majesty of the 19th Century Far East - Captivating sound effects and music bring your adventure to life in full stereo - Savegame and auto save features so you never need to lose your game position - Play the game at your own pace!


Tradewinds 1.03
Tradewinds 1.03 Tradewinds 1.03 Tradewinds 1.03 Tradewinds 1.03 Tradewinds 1.03 Tradewinds 1.03


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